An update on the new features in Version 2.0

  • UI Modifications

    1. 1. Display Tools palette Updates
      • - The tools palette is displayed when the pen is brought closer to the screen.
      • - The tools palette has functions of adding/deleting bookmarks, changing pen tip (color/thickness/eraser), and Undo/Redo writing.
    2. 2. Menu Updates
      • - The gray color of the pen is changed to only one color.
      • - Added a temporary disable function for the Touch switch.
      • - You can temporarily disable the Touch switch, such as when you are writing on the screen.
        (The Touch switch is automatically enabled when you return to HOME.)
      • - ON/OFF option for the Tools palette.
    3. 3. Eraser thickness Updates
      • - This has been adjusted to fit the pen tip.
    4. 4. Operating GVIDO without using the pen or foot switch
      • - You can now select a list using the Touch switch.
      • - You can open a music score from the Set list even without the pen.
      • - "The Set list is dislayed when you press the MENU button on the HOME screen, and you can select Set lists or scores with the left and right Touch switches The Touch switches are now configurable with the following options."
    5. 5. Search a music score
      • - You can jump to each page of the list screen.
      • - Enhanced index jump (initials, artist names, and order used).

        • You can jump to any list page by operating the slide bar.

        • When you enter an initial, it jumps to the position of the list that contains that letter.

        • It jumps to the position of the list that contains the specified artist name.
    6. 6. Editing the Set list
      • - "Edit" button has been added to upper right of the screen, which allows you to switch to Set list editing immediately.
    7. 7. Added context menu to Set lists on HOME screen
      • - Added a context menu just like the normal Set list.
    8. 8. Selecting an annotation note before opening the music score
      • - You can now select your preferred annotation notes before opening a music score.
    9. 9. Added sliding mode to Page turn options
      • - Added "Slide" mode in addition to "Standard" and "Score View Ahead".
    10. 10. Checking the remaining battery power
      • - The remaining battery power is displayed when you return to the HOME screen.
  • Operational modifications

    1. 1. When connecting/disconnecting the Foot Switch by Bluetooth
      • - A message will be displayed.
    2. 2. Calling the Set list by the Foot Switch
      • - The selection cursor is also displayed when the Set list is called by the Foot Switch.
    3. 3. Exporting your own content
      • - It does not overwrite even the same file name is used when exporting.
    4. 4. Title name adopted when importing files
      • - If there is no title meta information in the PDF, the file name is used as the title name.
    5. 5. Maximum number of pages for custom page progress
      • - Up to 500 pages.
    6. 6. Detection of insertion/removal of SD card during startup
      • - Power is turned off when removed.
      • - It is restarted when inserted.
    7. 7. Factory default reset
      • - Warning is displayed when there is unsaved data in MyLibrary.